Episode 5: Hearing Loss

Today we take a voyage into the waxy, mysterious depths of the human ear. Not literally. That would be gross. But we do hear from Sam, a musician (and family member of the host) who has long worried about damaging his hearing, as well as an audiologist who answers some of the world’s (or at least my) most persistent questions. Get the inside-out about eardrums, headphones, a classic Clive Owen movie and a real-life Spaghetti Incident in this latest earful. Apologies if this gets loud.

Thanks to Dr. Sarah Hesseltine,¬†Au.D., CCC-A, and to Samuel Hughes, musician for the show. Listen to more of Sam’s music (on over-the-ear headphones if you can) and purchase his EP “Down and Out” here.

Logo by Elizabeth Guerra.