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Episode 3: The Devil

Demons. Hell. Possession. There are few things scarier than something you can’t ever disprove. How do you deal with your anxiety when the threat of eternal damnation seems very real indeed? For this episode, we hear two different perspectives on religious and spiritual fears, first from my friend Alex on her Catholic upbringing, and second from a Unitarian Universalist Minister (and fellow Ravenclaw) with some ecclesiastical insight. We also cover superstitions, sin, The Exorcist, scary-looking erasers, and what the iPod Shuffle has in common with a certain scriptural practice. Bonus points if you still actually own an iPod Shuffle.

Thanks to my guests Alex and Rev. Aaron Stockwell.

Transition Music: “Thinking It Over” By Lee Rosevere. This track is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and can be found on the Free Music Archive.

Theme and introductory music by Sam Hughes. Hear more of his work at

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