Episode 1: Bears

Our first episode looks at a very specific yet potent possible cause of anxiety: bears. Yes, really. If you’re an insecure city-dwellin’ schlub camping in Wyoming for the first time, bears can seem pretty threatening.  First we hear some stories from friends of mine, including close encounters and rampant speculation (turns out I don’t know that much about bears, who would have guessed?). Then I talk to Dr. Ben Kilham of the Kilham Bear Center, a black bear habitat in New Hampshire, who actually DOES know that much about bears and shares some handy information.

Apologies for the audio issues during my interview with Joe. We have our best people on it.

Thanks to my guests Trevor, Joe, and Ben for their time. You can find out more about Ben’s work, including his role in the IMAX film Pandas, at https://kilhambearcenter.org/.

Transition Music: “Thinking It Over” By Lee Rosevere. This track is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and can be found on the Free Music Archive.

Theme and introductory music by Sam Hughes. Hear more of his work at https://soundcloud.com/shoes_music.

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